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Pedestrian Safety

One of the main reasons I wanted to organize a neighborhood association in Rincon Hill and the Transbay area is because of my concern about pedestrian safety in the area.

Our roads in this section of town along with further west in SOMA are pretty long, courtesy of a history of trains needing lotsa space to park (so I’ve read). Also, we have that big, beautiful bridge (okay, so it isn’t as pretty as that OTHER bridge that is painted pretty red) planted in our neighborhood with multiple on and off ramps connecting it to downtown San Francisco.

Walking up and down Main Street, I feel relatively safe until I get to Harrison. Harrison is the one street where I feel like I have to be nimble, quick, and still be ready to get the heck out of the way of a vehicle flying around the corner from Main Street onto Harrison to get up to that Bay Bridge entrance.

There’s a better way. After some chatter on Yelp! awhile back, I think we need to set up the pedestrian and traffic signals to alternate between allowing pedestrians to enter the intersections and allowing vehicles to enter. This is already occuring in several parts of the City, like O’Farrell and Stockton (near the Men’s Macy’s store in Union Square) and other spots in that area. I’d like to see a similar system set up here.

Anyone familiar with a good way to get this done? I wrote all the Supervisors, and only Aaron Peskin replied (immediately, I might add… like, at 9PM on a Sunday evening). He forwarded my concern on to the head of the DPT. The DPT sent me a letter saying they’ll check it out. In the meanwhile, I’ve been writing letters to the Editor of the Examiner and the San Francisco Chronicle … with luck only in the Examiner thus far. Anyone know how to communicate with Supervisor Chris Daly effectively? His email address seems to be a black hole with no replies sent back to me yet.

That’s just one of the reasons for this www.RinconHillSF.org web site effort of mine. I hope you’ll send me your suggestions to grow and turn this into not just a virtual neighborhood association, but a full-fledged 501(c)3 officially operating one that will act as a hub for those of us inhabiting Rincon Hill and the Transbay area to meet and to work together to enhance our quality of life in the area.

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