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Repaving of Streets in Rincon Hill

I recently learned about some DPW projects to repave a couple of major streets in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Harrison Street will be repaved from Main Street all the way west of our neighborhood, through Yerba Buena, and up to a block or so deep into the Planning Department’s “Western SoMa” area. A contract is going out for bid either this month or next from DPW, and we should expect the work of scraping off 2″ of asphalt and repaving to begin in the winter and finish up by June 2010 according to the current project schedule. After learning about the repaving, I phoned the project manager at DPW and asked about the opportunity to get streetscape improvements for pedestrian safety implemented. Sadly, it sounds like word got around about this project too late in the process to add in any physical changes to the street for pedestrian safety … that’s frustrating.

If you attended last month’s RHNA meeting at The Infinity, Bob Beck from the Transbay JPA mentioned that they’ll be repaving around the Transbay Temporary Terminal – including quite a bit of Folsom Street west of Main. I believe this will happen before the end of the year. The Temporary Terminal work appears to be moving right along with concrete poured over most of the block at this point. I believe it will begin operations in September or October.

In a kinda related matter, the 2nd Street designs to add bike lanes were tabled. It looks like the SF MTA will be spending quite a bit of time working with Rincon Hill, South Beach, and South Park neighbors and gathering the community input that did not happen the first go around. I’ve heard this process may last up to 3 years. In the meanwhile, the City still awaits the injunction placed on it by the courts (sorry, I don’t know which court offhand) on adding bicycle resources to be lifted.

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