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Talk Back About Muni Service

Screen shot from
www.SFMTA.com on April 10, 2007

While attending the Better Streets San Francisco launch last Thursday, I stopped at a table hosted by the City’s Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA). From now until April 30, 2007, there is a special web site set up at www.SFTEP.com that allows you to take an online survey about the effectiveness of Muni and what needs improvement.

I encourage all fellow Muni passengers to participate in the survey. Apparently, 25 years have passed since the last comprehensive review of the Muni routes in the City.


You can also take a look at the new SFMTA web site. I’m still waiting for GPS tracking of diesel buses in the City, but I believe the Agency is showing a lot of goodwill.

By the way, how has your experience been with the new T-Third light rail service? I made use of it over the weekend to visit Safeway at King and 4th, and it seemed pretty smooth. I know a lot of folks used to riding N-Judah down to Caltrain aren’t so thrilled.

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