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Townsend Street user survey

Townsend Street is an important neighborhood corridor. It provides bike lanes to connect Caltrain to The Embarcadero, 2nd Street, and Showplace Square. Please take time to respond to this survey to offer input on safety improvements for any redesigns of Townsend Street.
From SBRMBNA email:

Hi neighbors,
We’ve recently learned that there’s project planning underway at SFMTA for Townsend St, and also 3rd St between Townsend and Berry. There’s a live survey going on now; click this if you want to add your perspectives: http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/3245751/Townsend-Corridor-Improvement-Project 
Here’s a project overview (taken from the project site (https://www.sfmta.com/projects-planning/projects/townsend-corridor-improvement-project ):
The Townsend Corridor Improvement project in SoMa includes the 1.2 mile segment of Townsend from 8th Street to The Embarcadero. The project study area also includes the segment of 3rd Street between Townsend and Berry Street to facilitate the connection to The Embarcadero/King Street corridor. This project will identify options to make the corridor more inviting, safe, and comfortable by enhancing existing bicycle facilities and improving connections to transit and surrounding destinations.

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