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Traffic congestion is killing us

An arena at Piers 30-32 would absolutely increase traffic congestion, leading to increased air pollution and premature deaths. Mayor Lee, please stop prioritizing economic development at the costs of public health, safety, and well-being.

One Response to Traffic congestion is killing us

  1. The problem is not development in the Rincon Hill neighborhood; rather, it is traffic congestion caused by too many people driving, usually alone, to get to the Bay Bridge. So institute congestion pricing of this area and the highways, expansion of Bart at Montgomery Station, increase of AC and SamTrans into the city, and Caltrain into the Transbay terminal. But don’t buy a condo or rent an apartment in this newly residential area and expect others not to be able to do so too, just because of pre-existing traffic. Instead, work for the true reforms in transit and road pricing that will relieve this neighborhood by the entry ramps of the amount of car traffic it now handles. I agree with the author that the asthma rate and traffic dangers to pedestrians here is simply unacceptable. But saying no to further development and the arena is just the wrong approach.