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Transportation 2035 Plan for the San Francisco Bay Area

While the Bay Bridge is being worked on, you might be curious to see the strategic plan for transportation in the Bay Area as developed over the past two years with input from thousands of Bay Area residents and adopted by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on April 22, 2009. You’re in luck – the complete reports are availabe online at the MTC Transportation 2035 Change In Motion planning web site.

The Rincon Hill neighborhood sits in the heart of public transit and other transportation systems for the Bay Area. As always, I encourage you to get involved in the process with our public agencies.

Also of interest, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is holding some pubic hearings in regards to raising bridge tolls to bring the Antioch and Dumbarton bridges up tocurrent seismic safety standards.  The three public hearings are schedule to happen in Oakland (November 4th), San Mateo (November 17th), and Concord (December 3rd) – visit www.mtc.ca.gov/get_involved to learn more or to provide comments by December 21, 2009.

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