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Unsafe Streets – Yesterday's Death on Geary Makes 22nd Pedestrian Fatality in 2007

Sadly, another senior citizen has been struck and killed by a car while trying to cross a street in San Francisco. According to San Francisco’s Examiner newspaper, a senior citizen died yesterday afternoon while trying to cross Geary Boulevard between Gough and Laguna Streets.

While she had no business crossing in the middle of the street (not in a crosswalk apparently), safe drivers should be able to slow down (and actually do so) when they see something out of the ordinary in front of them.

I don’t believe for a second that people are going to learn how to use their brakes on their car and slow down until San Francisco starts handing out $300 tickets for excessive speeding in our City and adamantly enforcing the rules. As a Michigander who traveled often to see relatives in Kentucky, I can tell you that folks driving through the state of Ohio are very mindful (especially with out of state license tags) about obeying the speed limits. The reason is that the likelihood of getting pulled over for speeding is pretty high – and that awareness of the high probability you’ll get busted for speeding is all it takes for most folks to stick to the speed limit.

Perhaps we need to deputize as traffic rule enforcers some volunteer citizens who are sick and tired of reading about our neighbors getting killed or seriously injured by reckless and naive drivers? These are our neighborhoods, not just an entertainment destination – we can be stewards of our roads if the police are too understaffed to do so. I’d gleefully start handing out tickets at the Bay Bridge approaches for a couple of hours each week to get it through drivers’ thick skulls that they had better think twice about ignoring our speed limits and other traffic laws. If they need to get somewhere by a certain time, drivers have to learn to leave for their destinations earlier, period.

The coddling and outright catering to vehicle drivers over the rights of pedestrians has to stop.

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