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Vote No to More Cars Driving Into San Francisco!

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This posting’s picture was taken by someone in Shanghai, but it could just as well be Harrison and Main streets on a Friday afternoon with traffic backing up to get on the Bay Bridge.

There is a measure on this November’s ballot that veils itself as an initiative for additional parking. Many well-meaning San Franciscans may make a knee jerk decision to say, “Yes, I want more parking spaces in San Francisco.”

Your colleagues, friends, and other acquaintances who are San Francisco voters need to be informed that a vote yes for this measure is a vote for:

  1. Increased pedestrian injuries and deaths
  2. Increased bicyclist injuries and deaths
  3. Slower MUNI bus services because of the additional traffic jamming up the roads
  4. Increased air pollution and all of the terrible effects such pollution has on our planet

Those are the negatives I can think of off the top of my head with little thought…. I’m certain that you and others can think of many other negative consequences of inviting more automobiles to drive into our City.

There have been several articles written about this measure since the signatures to get it on the November 2007 ballot were submitted to City Hall:

San Francisco Examiner

SF Weekly

San Francisco Bay Guardian



And as an added treat, a slideshow of cartoons on the topic from SF Weekly’s Matt Smith

Please do not ASSUME that San Francisco voters will rightly vote NO to this parking measure. Don Fisher and the parking lot building Webcor construction company have plenty of money (what new building in Rincon Hill doesn’t have a Webcor sign on it?) and plenty of reason to support more parking garages and more cars driving into the City. Get involved – join the discussion on San Francisco Cityscape about how to make sure the majority of San Franciscans vote NO against this parking measure in November (just a little over three months from today).

A big thank you is due to Jeffrey Baker for the links and other tidbits above.

If you want to encourage cars to come into San Francisco and kill more pedestrians, kill more bicyclists, slow down MUNI bus service more, and so on and so forth, I suppose you would like a link to learn more – visit their site at More City Parking (don’t say I didn’t offer a chance to learn the other side’s point of view – gag me now!).

One Response to Vote No to More Cars Driving Into San Francisco!

  1. With all due respect, why not focus on reducing the hundreds of thousands of cars that enter SF each day, coming from out of town, rather than focusing on a couple thousand spots for people that actually live here (and won’t necessarily drive to work).

    If you really want to decrease traffic, how about increased bridge tolls or a congestion fee, like London. Non-residents would have to pay a fee for driving in the downtown business district. And how about improving MUNI so it is actually a safe, reliable and fast way to get somewhere (yeah, right).

    Decreasing traffic downtown is a great idea, but I think there are much more effective ways to achieve that goal.