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Walk San Francisco Annual Meeting Tomorrow

Pedestrian safety in the Rincon Hill neighborhood is my #1 pet issue. If you also wish to support pedestrian safety in San Francisco, I’d highly recommend joining Walk San Francisco. They are having their annual meeting tomorrow (Wednesday, June 18).

The WalkSF annual meeting is on Wednesday June 18th starting at 5:30. The location is 995 Market St., Suite 1550. We will start the meeting with a presentation about the Better Streets Plan. This presentation will focus on the ped policies of the plan, so we encourage you to go to the other outreach events, though this one will focus on a different aspect of the plan. We will order dinner. Please RSVP to peds -at- walksf.org so that we have an idea of how many people to expect.

There have been a few news stories recently about gasoline prices and a shift in the desires of baby boomers and millennials to live inside cities – in neighborhoods like ours. One of the non-profits pushing the co-dependency of dense, urban dwelling and public transit infrastructure is Reconnecting America. I just read a little about the organization in a Wall Street Journal article (subscription needed) while waiting for a meeting time to arrive while I’m sitting in a hotel in Reno this morning, but it sounds like an interesting group.

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