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District 6 Community Safety Forum

Photo taken by Jamie Whitaker

Passing this event information along …. sounds like a good chance to learn more about the City and County justice system.

Community Safety Forum
When: Tuesday, February 12 @ 6PM
Where: 201 Turk Street Community Room

To provide the residents and merchants of district 6 a look at the various forms of the criminal system: judicial, prosecutorial, police, and probation

For the role of the Judges:

The actual role of the judges in the system and the role of the court in deciding what type of sentences to handed out to convicted criminals.

For the role of the DA and narcotics DA:

The types of prosecutions and the number of District 6 prosecutions and convictions

For the Police Department:

The captains, the foot patrol benefits and detractions, the programs they are running in District 6 to combat narcotics activities and gangs;

Field operations projects they have designed for District 6;

Chief the overall goal for 2008 in District 6 and beyond

For Probation:

What programs is adult probation doing to end the revolving door of criminal activity?

This event is being sponsored by a coalition of community groups and merchants

Call (415) 820-1560 for more details

Community Safety Forum Sponsors
Alliance for a Better District 6
Central Market CBD
Chinatown Community Development Center
Grand Liquors
La Voz Latina de La Ciudad Central
Market Street Association
North of Market Planning Coalition
Safety Network
St. Anthony’s Foundation
Tenant Associations Coalition
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

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