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Stories to make you smile

There are a couple of stories in today’s San Francisco Chronicle that you may want to read if you’re looking for some positives. First off, a story about a Rincon Hill resident (a gentleman who sleeps under the Bay Bridge offramp near Folsom Street) who is turning his life around one shoe shine at a time on the corner of New Montgomery and Market Street. Today’s story is actually a little negative in that the City seems to be placing an impediment in front of the guy after someone read the original article about him in mid-March. I recommend reading both stories.

The second story is about someone who appears to have one of the best jobs around.

Smile – there is some good news out there if you look for it.

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  1. […] I posted links to the stories about Larry Moore written by Chuck Nevius in the Chronicle late in the day yesterday because they made me smile, and I hope they made you smile too – and maybe even consider getting a shoe shine at New Montgomery and Market Streets in the near future. Larry Moore lives under a Bay Bridge ramp in the Rincon Hill neighborhood, and he’s turning his life around and contributing to society … and reasonable San Franciscans completely support him according to a story in the Chronicle today. So the story about Larry Moore made me smile again today. In the midst of a lot of bad news, especially dealing with state and local budgets that will likely bring out the worst in people and their divisive “you’re either with us or you’re against us mentality,” it is wonderful to see that many of us reasonable folks recognize that we’re all in this together. […]