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YourStreet Locates Information at Street Level

Thanks to Brock at SFist.com for bringing this relatively new neighborhood-oriented web site to my attention. I believe www.YourStreet.com has excellent potential to help neighbors interact virtually and in real life. YourStreet is based in San Francisco.

From YourStreet’s About Us>How It Works page:

How It Works

YourStreet transforms the way you experience local news by indexing and mapping thousands of articles, blogs, and conversations down to the street level. YourStreet connects you to the local information that impacts you most – what’s going on in your town, your neighborhood and even your block.

YourStreet scans thousands of newspaper sites and local blogs each day to bring you the most comprehensive local news available anywhere. Our algorithm interprets the articles, identifies specific locations in the text, and plots them on an interactive map. We also use and highly recommend the excellent MetaCarta service to assist in location identification.

Drag the map or zoom in to get more information about a location. You can view articles and local conversations from today, the last 7 days, last 30 days and last 90 days. Find out what’s happening around your home, your work, your child’s school, or any other location in the country.

You can get involved in lots of ways:

* Comment on an article
* Start or add to a local conversation
* Create a user profile to let your neighbors know who you are

So jump in, share your voice, meet your neighbors, and find out everything that’s going on around you.

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