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Transbay Transit Center Video

I believe this is a new(er) video of the Transbay Transit Center as it will hopefully look by 2018 or so (with high-speed rail and Caltrain). Has anybody noticed the music piping out in the early evenings at the Transbay Temporary Terminal? I heard the Chipmunks singing a Christmas song last week while walking home … love the whimsy of it all. Enjoy!

By the way, thank you to the 198 friends who have signed our community petition asking the California High-Speed Rail Authority to cease dragging out the consideration of a “Beale Street Alternative” terminus location for downtown San Francisco. The Beale Street alternative would place the high-speed rail station underground along Beale Street between Mission and Harrison Streets, and no one in San Francisco seems to believe there is a chance in the world high-speed rail will terminate anywhere but the Transbay Transit Center – however, the very remote possibility has created anxiety and a negative financial impact on residents of BayCrest Towers and The Watermark just by existing as a possibility (thus the reason we’d like the CHSRA Board to remove it from the table for consideration as quickly as possible).

Please sign our community petition if you have not already done so, and please ask your California friends to do so as well.

Thanks to SFCitizen.com, CurbedSF, and SFist for bringing attention to this grassroots community effort as well.

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