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VIDEO: Warriors Arena Design Not the Problem – Problem is Traffic Congestion the Proposed Location Makes Worse

Although it will be another large terrorist target next to our homes in addition to the Bay Bridge and the high-rise towers, the arena design is not a problem in itself. The problems come from the City and County of San Francisco’s record of failure to invest in infrastructure and to actively mitigate the harm to residents health in a new neighborhood where harmful problems already occur and will be made worse if the arena is built at Piers 30-32.  While members of the Piers 30-32 Citizens Advisory Committee specifically requested an evaluation of the impacts on residents health by an arena at Piers 30-32 by the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s Sustainable Communities doctors who specialize in epidemiology and who have already measured unhealthy levels of carbon and particulate matter in our air that kill people and cause asthma in kids, we have not heard of any action on this request. Why is the City not telling us WHAT they’re going to do if they’re in such a rush to push forward approvals and have Phil Ting change the laws to grease the skids of State Lands Trust approval?

In my personal opinion, we are trying to hold off a gang rape of our health and well-being in the SoMa waterfront so that a thoughtful discussion can happen about how our health will be spared and our lifespans unaffected by the arena at Piers 30-32.  However, no one seems to be grasping the thought that the location of an arena can KILL people. Anybody read about a fertilizer plant blowing up and killing people recently? – that killer project (or at least the residential apartment nearby) was approved by some government entity that supposedly protects citizens from harm. Our Department of Public Health, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and the World Health Organization all tell us that air pollution increases cancer risks, increases risks of cardiac disease, and increases instances of asthma in children. Meanwhile, Rincon is quickly becoming the most densely populated 10 acres of land west of Chicago, in case folks haven’t noticed the 300′ to 600′ residential towers beside the Bay Bridge yet.

How bad can the traffic be near the homes of thousands of residents in the Rincon neighborhood on weekday evenings? Take a look at the video below from my home’s corner. While SFMTA has painted some crosswalk stripes at this intersection (Main Street and Harrison Street) and increased crosswalk signals times to help pedestrians survive crossing the street to/from home during non-rush hour times, the weekday rush hour still looks pretty much the same today as it did in 2011 when I filmed this video footage. There is no humanity, and if we create a drunk tank at Piers 30-32, even more SoMa residents will be killed by cars driven by DUI drivers. How does that fit into the Mayor’s “Pedestrian Safety Strategy?”

Folks who have a financial or “legacy” interest in the arena getting built at Piers 30-32 have a rapist mentality, in my opinion, about just doing it and sticking it in the SoMa waterfront’s Piers 30-32 without any indication that legitimate changes will be made in City services (transit, public safety, congestion pricing) to try to keep air pollution levels and other health dangers from increasing for nearby residents. Hell, the 12-Folsom bus service even got cancelled on December 5, 2009 for the growing Rincon neighborhood to force us to drive to neighborhood serving businesses and grocery stores, more or less – they want to ENCOURAGE more driving and the accompanying air pollution and harm to pedestrians as it is by taking away our local service bus!! If the Mayor can get a Twitter bus to start running (83x) with hardly any passengers, why the hell can’t they make the move now to re-route the 12-Folsom 4 more blocks eastward and turning up Main Street instead of 2nd Street?

2 Responses to VIDEO: Warriors Arena Design Not the Problem – Problem is Traffic Congestion the Proposed Location Makes Worse

  1. How will the various CEQA reform proposals effect this project?

  2. The Warriors are proposing a cruise ship terminal in order to further their maritime objectives. I believe that this will come without shore side power further increasing the pollution in the neighborhood.