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Ride on an Airship Ventures Zeppelin for Anyone?

I wandered along the waterfront in search of the satisfying taste of an In ‘N Out Double Double cheeseburger at Fishermans Wharf this morning. After the burger ‘n fries experience, I kept wandering over to the Aquatic Park beach area. I spied a big white blimp-looking thing coming over the Golden Gate Bridge. Turns out, it was a Zeppelin airship heading to its new home at Moffett Field in Mountain View, according to an article on SFGate.com.

After a pit stop at Guitar Center on Van Ness, I hopped on a California 1 bus to head back to the waterfront, and there was the Zeppelin, flying above the Ferry Building and then turning the corner near Rincon Point and Piers 30/32.

If you’d like a ride on the Zeppelin, it will ring up to about $495 per person (maximum of 12 passengers). Airship Ventures will begin offering the rides this Friday …

In the meanwhile, did anyone else notice the horse tied up outside of Gordon Biersch around 4pm this afternoon? I was walking along and noticed some guys taking photos of something as I approached The Embarcadero from Harrison Street. When I turned the corner, there was a horse, of course, of course. God, I love San Francisco!

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