Fighting for a Sincere Community Process from Mayor London Breed

Mayor London Breed tried to take a shortcut, disrespecting the SoMa Waterfront residents who have been more than accommodating of changes when we are given a seat at the table and listened to.

This is about getting treated the same way along the SoMa Waterfront as the residents of North Beach, the Marina, or Noe Valley. We have not been getting treated equitably, and that is what we oppose – geographic discrimination.

This Mayor and her predecessors have continually practiced geographic discrimination in South of Market – pulling out the rug and shortchanging residents on the respect and opportunity to find a Win-Win configuration like almost every other San Francisco neighborhood does receive. She could have avoided shooting herself in the foot and triggering a legal battle by having a sincere discussion with residents and asking for input. Instead, she wants to strong-arm a community already forced to form a Community Benefit District (CBD) on one side of the Bay Bridge because the City refuses to provide the public safety and clean streets services to us as other neighborhoods take for granted.

Given the discriminatory treatment and dismissive nature of Mayor London Breed towards our equal treatment by our City government, we have been forced to take our gloves off and lawyer up. Please donate what you can to help fund our fight for respect and a place at the table that has thus far been denied with disingenuous talking-down informational presentations. Until we have a back and forth discussion and until the City voluntarily, not via sunshine ordinance requests 10 days later, shares their analysis of the 100+ location, we have to fight!

When every other neighborhood gets 6 months or more of meetings to discuss configuration options for Navigation Center locations to try to arrive at a win-win, but we get shat upon by our Mayor and City government, we have to say TIME’S UP! ENOUGH! Please donate to the neighbors’ legal fund.

Homeless advocates have successfully been fundraising for the non-profit Coalition on Homelessness, though they falsely claim we’re all millionaires – I guess they don’t realize this is a redevelopment zone in South Beach and north of Folsom Street with many inclusionary affordable, all affordable, and some supportive housing units among the skyscrapers. At any rate, I believe Rincon Hill neighbors oppose the shitty treatment of our rights by Mayor Breed, but we do not oppose helping our homeless neighbors – so please consider donating to Coalition on Homelessness too!

If you want another charity, consider donating to Rincon’s Embarcadero YMCA who provide a lot of services for kids from Bessie Carmichael schools and has a high school called Youth Chance High School for students who had challenges in regular public schools,