Empathy, but concerns about increased crime, trash re: proposed Seawall Lot 330 Navigation Center

Initial feedback preceding the two Tuesday meetings about the proposed Seawall Lot 330 Navigation Center indicate many nearby residents are empathetic to the need for more shelters, but there is little faith that the City will provide the neighborhood with additional police or public works cleaning crews to maintain the quality of life adequately.

In my personal opinion, 225 is a big jump in the number of beds compared to other Navigation Centers, such as the 84 beds at 5th and Bryant. The City will have a high bar of expectations to meet in our neighborhood that already is the home to a national example for helping people who have gone through hell and gotten back up on their feet – Delancey Street. Our 250 neighbors who reside at Delancey Street are among our best, in my personal opinion, because Mimi and her crew teach them ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY – and give them the tough love that every family member fighting the challenges of substance abuse or otherwise needs to be a respected neighbor.

If you live in the neighborhood (please) and would like to express your opinions in a format that gives you time to think and to spell out your complete thoughts (as opposed to a likely 1 minute limited public speaking opportunity at one of the public meetings), please consider filling out my neighbor to neighbor survey.