Lack of faith in City’s willingness to properly increase services is primary hurdle for proposed SWL 330 Navigation Center

I have created a survey for my Rincon Hill residential neighbors to get a sense of what people are thinking thus far about the proposed homeless shelter at Seawall Lot 330.

The early results indicate empathy for providing people needed shelter, but fears that the City is not up to the task of adequately staffing up police, cleaning crews, and other services to help make the proposed center a success that does not harm the SoMa waterfront community.

The fact that the City has already resigned their ability to adequately provide security, cleaning, and other basic City government services in SoMa by way of promoting the creation of Community Benefit Districts primarily in SoMa and downtown bolsters this distrust.

I plan to share all of the responses in the next day or so, but here is a good sample of responses to this question of faith in the City providing adequate services: