Port Commission meeting location switches again

This Tuesday, April 23rd at 3:15pm, the Port Commission will meet at the normal location at the Ferry Building, 2nd Floor Port Commissioners Meeting Room. Find more information, like the Agenda and Supporting Documents on the Port’s website.

The paid agitators and sycophants will be there to try to diminish the request for equality and equitable treatment of the SoMa Waterfront, giving us a legitimate community input process instead of the mockery of community meetings where the communications are just one-way, asynchronous talking with no listening to the residents by the City elected and employees who work for the residents.

The Memorandum of Understanding for the criteria regarding increases in client numbers timelines, renewal of the lease, and other important details was just released on Friday, April 19, 2019 – everybody works all week just to read this kind of stuff on the weekend, right? If we had a democracy in San Francisco instead of dictatorship in practice, the community would have at least one week to review the Memorandum of Understanding and a chance to provide feedback on the weaknesses and risks/dangers/costs to the Port of our Port Commissioners naively and prematurely approving it. This is just as bad as Donald Trump – all aimed at self-preservation at the ballot box, in my personal opinion.

Keep fighting the good fight to stop geographic discrimination, to have a more equitable community input process for the proposed shelter at Seawall Lot 330 instead of the attempted steamrolling, and absolutely vote against those promoting such awful governance practices that a more similar to a dictatorship than a democracy as we’re seeing right now. Just vote NO.

Transbay JPA Citizens Advisory Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

There is a pretty ho-hum agenda for this Tuesday’s Transbay Joint Powers Authority Citizens Advisory Committee. Note that this CAC is a separate CAC from he one that meets under the auspices of the former Redevelopment Agency and is known as just Transbay Citizens Advisory Committee that meets at YBCA at 701 Mission normally.

Click this link to see the agenda: http://www.tjpa.org/calendar-items/cac-meeting-april-9-2019

Presentation for Seawall Lot 330 Proposed 225-person Shelter from 4/3/2019 information session at Delancey Street Foundation

In case you are interested in reviewing the information presented at Wednesday evening’s meeting about the proposed 225-person shelter for Seawall Lot 330, here is a PDF of the presentation from Emily Cohen (email: Emily.cohen@sfgov.org ).

Also, a very thoughtful suggestion by a South Beach resident for better community outreach by Mayor Breed that may help result in a more efficient creation of navigation centers in all 11 Supervisorial Districts