Presentation for Seawall Lot 330 Proposed 225-person Shelter from 4/3/2019 information session at Delancey Street Foundation

In case you are interested in reviewing the information presented at Wednesday evening’s meeting about the proposed 225-person shelter for Seawall Lot 330, here is a PDF of the presentation from Emily Cohen (email: ).

Also, a very thoughtful suggestion by a South Beach resident for better community outreach by Mayor Breed that may help result in a more efficient creation of navigation centers in all 11 Supervisorial Districts

Fight for EQUALITY for the SoMa Waterfront

The SoMa Waterfront continues to be treated with geographic discrimination by our City government. TIME’S UP!

Join me in Fighting for our Equal Rights in SF!
 Here’s what you can do to join other neighbors who are tired of the geographic discrimination and who want to get a normal community process to talk about this Navigation Center proposal and negotiate so that our neighborhood is not less safe and less clean:

  • Visit the website and click on your Supervisorial District (SoMa, Mission Bay, and Tenderloin residents are District 6, Supervisor Matt Haney) to have an email auto populate to send – and SEND IT!
  • Since Mayor London Breed is not respecting our community, one of our options is to hire a lawyer to fight the City tooth and nail.  That takes money, and I encourage you to donate $250 or whatever it is worth to you to try to protect your kids from commonly seeing drug addicts injecting their body parts by our homes, your wives/girlfriends from a high concentration of registered sex offenders, and yourself from knife wielding schizophrenic violent people who really need a mental health hospital – not a bunk on the SoMa Waterfront.
  • Please share these bullet points and links with your neighbors. East SoMa has a total count of 50 homeless people according to the latest count – so know that the City’s line about the Navigation Center is intended to help our homeless neighbors already on our streets is a total lie. Hell, I have been walking by the same neighbor on the 100 block of Main Street ever since I moved to Rincon Hill in 2006 – he seems content and I do not expect he’d want to move indoors if invited, frankly. The Mayor needs to be able to take the bad behaving drug addicts and schizophrenic mentally ill out of the other 10 Supervisorial Districts and contain them in District 6 as has been the geographically discriminatory practice of San Francisco government for decades now. Please help fight this inequality that should stop being foisted upon just District 6 instead of shared equitably across all San Francisco Supervisor districts – the Marina, Richmond, Sunset, and so on need to STEP UP.

A neighbor has compiled an excellent booklet that I encourage you to read and share with your neighbors about why this is an awful location, in the midst of San Francisco Giants and soon Golden State Warriors and concert foot traffic along our gorgeous waterfront, to build a mega 225 person drug addict and mentally disturbed institution.

Good news – Port Commissioners are waking up and realizing hundreds of residents are organizing along the SoMa Waterfront, and they had better think twice about rubber stamping this proposed mega drug addict/mental health shelter at Seawall Lot 330.  Get involved – don’t be a compliant sheep and allow the inequality and discrimination against the SoMa Waterfront to go uncontested by you and your loved ones.  FIGHT!

Upcoming Meetings about Proposed SWL 330 Navigation Center

Notice that none of these meetings provide a forum for sincere public outreach. They are designed for a circus with political teams that want favor from the Mayor enabled to disrupt and cause more stress and anger among the community. This is politics by CONTEMPT being orchestrated to exploit the City’s problem people containment zone aka SoMa, in my opinion.

However, please do attend … and disregard the circus actors who are trying to marginalize and dismiss our legitimate questions by espousing the lies that our very much empathetic neighborhood doesn’t care about our poor neighbors on the streets.

This week, the City will be joining the Fisherman’s Wharf Waterfront Advisory Group meeting on March 19, and a special Joint meeting of the Central Waterfront and Northeast Waterfront Advisory Groups on March 20, to present the proposal, and gather additional feedback and input.  Details of the meeting are listed below:

FWWAG Meeting Information
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 from 9am – 10:30am

Scoma’s Restaurant
1965 Al Scoma Way

Joint CWAG and NEWAG Meeting Information
Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Pier 1, The Embarcadero, Bayside Conference Room

The City will also join the South Beach/Rincon Hill/Mission Bay Neighborhood Association Meeting on April 8th from 6pm – 7pm at the South Beach Harbor Building’s Community Room (between the Oracle Ballpark and Pier 40 building, near the South Beach Playground).

The City will also host a follow-up community meeting on April 3 to provide an update and gather additional feedback and community input on the proposed SAFE Embarcadero Navigation Center at Sea Wall Lot 330. 

Community Meeting Information
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Delancey Street Foundation
600 The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94107600 The Embarcadero

Lastly, the City is open to attending other community and stakeholder meetings. 

Comments or questions about the proposal can also be directed to the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing at

Watch video of Homeless Services Coordination hearing by Board of Supervisors, 3/14/2019, Agenda Item 3

Why do the drug addicted and mentally ill keep getting shuffled through a revolving door of a mish mash of services? What does the City REALLY need to invest in and do to stop the revolving door that endangers those individuals and the public?

Learn more about the City’s approach by watching agenda item 3, Departmental Coordination of Homeless Services at the Public Safety Committee hearing of the Board of Supervisors from this past Thursday, March 19, 2019.