Pop-up meeting about adding 3rd lane to Beale Street


Normally, the SFMTA is proposing to eliminate traffic lanes in order to make the distance crossing the street in front of live traffic for pedestrians (especially elderly or mobility challenged) shorter and safer. However, the SFMTA is on track to ADD a 3rd traffic lane to Beale Street between Harrison Street and Bryant Street by eliminating over 50% of the Area Y Residential Parking Permit spaces. They accomplish that by changing the parking from perpendicular to parallel only.

I guess the goal is to try to give folks who do not want to turn right onto Bryant Street from SE Beale Street another lane starting at the Harrison Street bridge. The reality, in my opinion, is that it will create just another lane for cars who want to take cuts in front of those patiently waiting in the right turn lane like we see all the time around the Bay Bridge – and will create even more conflict and dangerous situations for pedestrians who are vulnerable to 100% inhumane driver behaviors during the evening rush hour.

If you want to introduce your comments/ideas or just ask questions, there are two meetings coming up at the seating area on the NW corner of Beale and Bryant at the Rincon Hill Dog Park. One is at 6pm-7pm this Wednesday, September 26th and the other is Wednesday, October 3rd (also 6pm – 7pm).

If you live at Watermark or Bayside Village, I suggest you take action because you’ll probably be putting up with the bulk of new car conflicts and horn honking as a result of a 3rd lane being added for jerks to try to take cuts in the line.

I’ve posted information flyers here:

Beale St Pop-up Flyer

Beale St Public Hearing Notice

Please share this information with your buildings near Beale and Bryant Streets.